Executive Search

Being able to recruit the best talent is key to differentiating your company in the market. With sectors such as leisure, retail and hospitality, which have reputations for high turnover rates, finding, securing and keeping the right team members will set your organisation ahead of your competitors.

The success of a company lies in its people. This comes when a company can identify the most outstanding candidates and attract the right people for their team. The senior management roles within a company have the ability to lead a team to success or failure. When the right candidates are selected, they can deliver long-term shareholder value and transform the company’s culture through both leadership and individual performance.

At Eagles Spearing Executive Search, we help exceptional candidates find security in exceptional companies. We provide structured and independent thinking to build upon an organisation’s recruitment initiatives. Challenging the status quo, we urge Boards to consider the wider strategic perspectives of their decisions when appointing a new team member.

By working with Eagles Spearing Executive Search, your company can:

  • Target top executives, both locally and internationally, who are not actively looking to change careers
  • Have access to a tailor-made search of qualified, top-tier management professionals
  • Track the movements of key industry players
  • Find candidates that not only fit the role, but also suit your company’s culture and identity
  • Reduce the time and energy needed by team members to find the right candidate, freeing up their time for more pressing business matters

Our outstanding team of recruitment and HR professionals work in tandem with their clients to align themselves with each client’s objectives and requirements. Once the consultant understands the full scope of the role, how the candidate will fit in the organisation, the company culture and the key performance indicators that will be measured, the search for the ideal candidate can begin.

We engage candidates at board and senior management level across the various disciplines of operations, finance, property and estate management, project management, sales and marketing, human resources, procurement and legal services.

Our job does not stop once the candidate is found. We go beyond our scope to help negotiate terms between the company and the candidate, as well as continue to communicate with both parties for up to six months after placement. We look at each of our projects as a chance to build a long-lasting relationship with both the clients and the candidates, ensuring everything runs smoothly every step of the way.